Monthly Archives: December 2013

Happy New Moon Year for 1014


I’ve been neglecting this blog and for that I’m very sorry. There are a few very personal but pressing family and health reasons why I had to let things go a bit awry. I can’t go into them here, but trust me, it made blogging nigh on impossible.

But, with a new moon on New Year’s Day, I’m hoping things will turn around and allow me to live my life the way I’d like to. That includes blogging here. I’ve been a keen amateur naturalist and gardener all my life as well as loving photography. I’ve just had another birthday. As I’ve had quite a few now, it occurred to me I’d be being very selfish if I didn’t share what I’d learned and what I’m still learning. So I’m going to try and be less selfish and pass on what I think might help people wanting a greener, cheaper or more rewarding existence than our society tells us is ‘the norm’. There are better ways to live than feeling helpless, seeing problems and hoping it will all magically get better.

As time goes on, ‘life’s too short, mate’ seems to appear in bigger and bolder fonts in my mind. Too short to let opportunities go. Too short to hold grudges and far too short to let this old world with all its problems stop us from being ourselves and doing what we know to be right.

It’s too short not to have fun. Too short to be trapped by debt. Too short to not treasure our natural surroundings. We bought a house backing onto fields we thought would never be built on. Wrong. They’ve got planning permission and building will start shortly. I was really upset at first. But the fight is over, and I have 120ft of garden. So I will make the most of what I have.

There are plans afoot. Watch this space. I do need help as I have serious health problems. I will find that help. I want a wildlife pond. My shed needs moving so I can have raised veggie beds and leave room for a fire pit and wild flowers. I need to build a gravel path. My front garden is a mess and should be welcoming. All will somehow be done. A lot didn’t happen this last year which now HAS to happen this year. And you can join me on the journey.

If you have the will, encourage me. If you have a tip, please tell me. I’ll share my journey with you. Will you share yours?Image