Monthly Archives: December 2011

6 Weeks and Counting

We’re in! Our new home is really ours. We’ve been in 6 weeks now, but I couldn’t tell you how hard the first days were. Our dream move became a bit of a nightmare as solicitors, BT and our server all caused us major delays. All our stuff went into storage for five days, as the solicitor hadn’t completed on time. She had totally neglected to see our communications about the completion date. It was a shock. We stayed in a hotel. some of my tropical fish died, despite kindly new neighbours looking after them as best they could and it took a week to get heating working properly. Not good in November, December.

But, enough of reliving the gloom. The house is wonderful! I’m so happy here. No more car parks full of rubbish, no more overhearing children being shouted at for nothing, and so much space! We’ve thrown lots of old stuff out, either to charity, for recycling or given to friends. This house deserves to be clutter free, and so do we!

Grate heat

In the garden, I’ve already counted 17 species of birds. We’ve even had a heron visit briefly, spying on next door’s fish pond. Beyond the garden in the fields we’ve watched Shetland ponies grazing and crows (a whole murder of them live in the trees outside my bedroom window) land in large numbers to feed.

I’ve discovered that I have a crab apple that holds its fruit all winter. The thrush seems thrilled as it gorges. There’s a young horse-chestnut in the boundary hedge and I have a mature fig. I’ve already spent a little time weeding one of the borders, and there are spring bulbs peeping through. Fantastic!

So 6 weeks in and I’m and counting the days until I can get on that garden and start growing. Food, flowers, wildlife havens and a pond all to come.

New Wood Burning Stove

Inside, we’ve made a start on keeping to our ecological principles. We’ve installed a grate in the dining room and a wood burning stove in the lounge, thus reducing the need for central heating and burning fossil fuels. There’s free wood around in the fields and hedgerows and a good friend bought us a paper log maker for Christmas. We’re currently taking hoarded academic paper Jon brought here for sorting and turning it into free fuel. When we get a bright enough day I’ll take a photo for you of it in action.

Anyway… Have a wonderful 2012 folks around the globe. I wish you peace wherever you are and accord with your fellow-man. And don’t forget to be happy. xxx