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Hedgehog hides on Halloween

Halloween skeleton

Who knows?

It’s a short post tonight. Last night of course was Halloween. And the real beginning of winter. It’s also the first night that Jimmy the hedgehog who lives in my garden didn’t get up for his supper. Did the witches keep him in bed? Does he know something we don’t? Who knows! I was a little worried about him but this is the time of year that hedgehogs slow down, and he’s been very well fed. I’m going to include him in my record keeping over the next year, just to see what effect our local climate has on his habits. That’s if he wants to stick around when I move him to our new garden. There may be better places for him to go, and of course he will be free to roam. But for the sake of ecology and the environment on my patch I hope he does stay.



He has been tonight and eaten his supper, so maybe he was just overstuffed, or maybe he doesn’t need to eat as often as his metabolism will have slowed down, though temperatures here are quite mild.

Otherwise, packing continues. We had an awful lot of paper to shred, as my partners work involves a lot of sensitive material and personal details of other people. So we’ve used it instead of bubble wrap etc for packing my precious ornaments and glassware. It will be used as composting material for the new garden. How’s that for recycling? I also plan to use the weaker cardboard boxes that will be wrecked, no doubt, during the move, to cover large areas of soil I want clear for planting next year. Layered up, covered in old wrapping plastic sheeting it will smother the grass and weeds. They’ll rot down and leave me with soil ready for me to cultivate. Yet another ecologically friendly, back friendly way to start my new life.