Best Laid Garden Plans Need Patience!

Hard Work Happening With A Smile

Hard Work Happening With A Smile

Lots of patience was needed yesterday. It was to be the big day. Gravel sand, weed suppressant membrane and a pond were all due to arrive. The pond did, with a phone call ten minutes before delivery to let us know. Great stuff! Gravel and the other stuff next, we thought. It was late. The landscapers did what they could whilst waiting. Then I phoned the delivery company. Our load had been put on a truck that had broken down. Great. 5pm, they said. 4.30 till 5pm was their estimated delivery time. 5pm nothing. 5.15pm, I was getting agitated. Annoyed even. The weather had been perfect all day for laying a concrete base. The landscapers were prepared to stay late to get it done. 5.30pm. The truck finally arrives. Three 850k sacks of gravel and one of sand. Landscaping fabric. But the driver can’t get the goods off the truck. They had been loaded incorrectly, which had broken the pallets AND the lift he had on board was broken. No less than a comedy of errors. Only I wasn’t laughing. None of us were, especially when the trucking company wouldn’t even call back with a solution. It took my landscaper’s silver tongue to get them to organise a delivery today, Good Friday, first thing.

It's starting to take shape

It’s Starting To Take Shape

I am now very pleased to be showing you photos of a work still in progress, but now much further on. The lads have worked hard. The pond is being installed, the path is coming on and preparations to move the shed and lay the shed base are underway. It’s not a pretty site yet but it will be. At the moment it’s more like a building site, and because of the rain, going in and out to check on things and Daisy running in and out, I’m grateful to have exposed wooden floors indoors that I can mop!

Still Going In The Rain

Still Going In The Rain

So I’m spending my Easter dreaming of the ‘finished’ garden and pond. Looking at pond plants, learning from the landscapers how to make the best of the pond. It’s not an area of expertise for me. It’s a new learning curve. A very enjoyable one, too! I know I’ll need elodea crispa to oxygenate the water, and I know I want a corkscrew rush. And Mike (one of the landscapers) is giving me some yellow flag iris from his pond, in exchange for a chocolate peppermint plant.

So here are some photos of progress from my bedroom window. I would have taken some from the garden this afternoon, but the guys are being rained off as I write. It’s fortunate that gardening teaches patience. Because patience is needed. I hope I have enough to see this through!

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