Planting Season

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

May is an amazingly busy time in the garden, and there is so much to do to ensure flowers, vegetables and fruit are plentiful. So hurting my back last weekend was not a good idea. I’ve had to look longingly at all the planting out and nurturing I should have been doing and just watering all the seedlings and young plants I’ve raised. The weather, of course, has also played a part in delaying planting, since it was hot and then cold again. My lettuce etc, only just being hardened off, would have suffered for the cold. But now my back is on the mend I plan to do some planting under cloches. I’ve bought a couple, but for small things like lettuce, milk cartons with the bottom taken off will suffice to protect from cold winds and give me a reasonable early crop.

As I can now walk again without wincing at every step, the next few days should see me catching up and getting plants in the soil.

Wandering down to the greenhouse this morning I could appreciate the cherry blossom trees in my garden. Two were here when we arrived, but one I brought from my old address, in a container, is looking stunning. I’ve planted it in the border I cleared of Spanish bluebells last year, and it’s looking very happy and healthy. I just hope the wind we’re getting doesn’t blow all the blossom off the trees, depriving me of that wonderful colour.

Bees have started arriving in the garden, as I took care to plant spring flowers such as cowslip and forget me not. I’ve seen them enjoying the rosemary, too, which they love and is now in flower. Three colours of drumstick primulas, one of my favourite spring flowers, adorn a corner of the flower bed, and will provide lots of nectar for those bees too. I had the red and the lilac form, but no white. I bought some last weekend at the flower festival in Spalding (see previous post here) and planted them as soon as I got home.

How does your garden grow? Are you doing better than last year?

One response to “Planting Season

  1. I’m busy planting out too, whenever I get five minutes spare. My trouble is not my back, but too much work. I should take the whole of May off! Hope your back is much better soon.‎

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