Trees Are In Trouble! Join The National Survey

The Great Oak in Nottingham Forest

The Great Oak in Nottingham Forest

A new tree survey has been launched today. It is the first one to involve the public and it needs you. Designed in collaboration with Forest Research and FERA (department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs) and run by OPAL (Open Air Laboratories network) a survey pack has been issued for you to download and be a part of saving our trees.

In the past decade at least 17 new pests and diseases have been found in Britain, attacking some of our most iconic trees, including the mighty oak and the chestnut. I for one would be very sad to see our trees dying due to these unwanted pests from the continent. I have a chestnut tree at the end of my garden. It’s a favourite of mine from childhood with its sticky, fat buds and fresh unfurling leaves.

The environment has changed. Our recent years of unusual weather patterns have stressed the trees, and this leaves them even more susceptible to pests and disease. Losing two seasons in the last year (no Autumn and no spring) has further added to their distress. Now we can get involved with conservation in a way we could never have done without the internet, so this is going to be the largest, most extensive tree survey ever.

To take part, click this link which takes you through to OPAL’s tree survey page, but there is lots more on there for you to get involved in if you wish.

Can you help save our trees?

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