Flower Festival Last Parade

We spent the bank holiday in Spalding, home of the nationally known bulb festival. My Dad went  years ago and took cine film of it. Yes, that long ago. Ever since I’ve wanted to see it, and as I now live much closer checked the website last week to see when it was.  The bank holiday weekend was it. But I was very sad to see that the local councils can no longer finance the parade. I’m glad I went. It was on my bucket list.

It’s been going since the 1930’s. Now, unless private backers can be found, the festival will continue but not the parade. It celebrated the bulb growing industry, and floats decorated with flowers paraded around the town. Here is what won’t be again in the future. Unless you know a backer….

Here’s what’s gone. Hopefully not forever. What would you miss?

Spalding Parade

Spalding Parade

Spalding Parade Town Hall Float

Spalding Parade Town Hall Float

Spalding's Rainbow

Spalding’s Rainbow

Spalding Horses

Spalding Horses

Spalding's Dragon

Spalding’s Dragon

There were lots of walkers and performers

There were lots of walkers and performers

Spalding Parade

Spalding Parade

Spalding's Elephant!

Spalding’s Elephant!

Spalding Parade. A Beautiful smile!

Spalding Parade. A Beautiful smile!

The Town Hall's Goodbye. So Sad!

The Town Hall’s Goodbye. So Sad!

Here’s a link to the festival Site

5 responses to “Flower Festival Last Parade

  1. stunning and important for civic pride, bringing town, country and city folk together. Everyone banters on about lack of community, then the politicians cut money from these sorts of events that promote togetherness and pride. The town councils should try switching off their non-used electrical equipment, lights etc in the offices to save money, stop ridiculous travel costs for meetings by having meetings over the phone instead…..Bring back these events OUR COMMUNITIES NEED THEM!

  2. I agree entirely. They have, to be fair, decided to try and turn the festival into a week long event but can’t afford the cost of the floats. Apparently this year’s late spring meant importing flowers they would normally have grown.

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  4. Events like this are an important part of what keeps communities together. I can understand the budget problems – especially if they had to import flowers this year – but I hope they find a way to continue the parade as well as the festival even if it has to be in a slightly different format.

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