New Superfood to Grow?


I know, I know. It’s been ages again. Sorry. ‘Nuff said. I had to tell you about my recent discovery, though. It’s obviously time for seed sowing and I’m busy doing just that, filling my greenhouse (that wasn’t up in time for last spring’s sowing). I have grown for many years Love Lies Bleeding or Amaranthus Caudatus. I love the long red tassels. It was  plant I grew in my very first garden a long time ago.

I had two packets of seed which had conflicting advice about growing conditions and went online to check out what the official correct temperatures were, just out of interest. That’s when I found out that this ancient Andean plant is a superfood eaten in India and South America like quinoa. It’s known as kiwicha.  It has one of the best protein contents of any grain and is apparently easy to cook with. Amazing and brilliant! I’m celiac, so finding any grain I can eat is a marvellous new addition to my diet. I can’t find a UK source to buy it, so I might try to harvest the abundant seed from it this year and cook some. Why waste it when I’m growing it anyway? It’s a bonus to grow food that’s so gorgeous!

If anyone has recipes or a source I can order it from in the UK I’d be very grateful for a heads up. The photo I’ve used here is from Wikipedia as I don’t have a decent one of my own to show you. You can find out more about it there.

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