Why Buy It When You Can Make It? The Shredder.

I invested in a great bit of kit. With a long hedgerow and several trees, plus all the shrubs I’ll be growing, I figured a wood chipper would be a sensible bit of kit, enabling me to make my own bark chippings for mulch. After all, why buy it if you can make it? Each bag of that stuff needs carting from the shop to the till, paying for, carting home, carting round the house into the garden, unwrapping, the plastic disposing of and of course you’re out-of-pocket especially as woodchips break down and disappear.

So here’s my latest kit.


My new Bosch shredder

It’s very quiet compared to last one I had ten years ago. And it is more powerful. In fact it does a great job, eating all my prunings easily and safely.

The results are quite pleasing, and the first of them have already been used to mulch a newly planted clematis.



This is a very close-up photo. The size of the shreddings are perfect for making a good mulch, and nothing will be wasted. I’ve got a nice little pile growing to be used as I plant out my new beds, still as yet being dug and cleared.

Shreddings ideal for mulch

Shreddings ideal for mulch

The shredder I bought was from an auction site and is reconditioned with a twelve month guarantee, saving me over £100 on the normal retail price. Bargain! and I’ll never have to go and buy bagged and carbon heavy bark chippings again. Ecologically sound, environmnetally friendly and easier for me. A sound organic principal if ever I saw one-recycling at its best.

The one I bought and can thoroughly recommend is the Bosch AXT 2000 HP Quiet Garden Shredder.

2 responses to “Why Buy It When You Can Make It? The Shredder.

  1. Hi,

    Nice bargain, can you post a link of the website from which you bought this shredder. Is this electric shredder or a gas shredder? What was the final price? and are you satisfied with it?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  2. How is your shredder working out for your garden? I’d love to see a picture of your garden sporting your homemade mulch!

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