April Snow Blizzard Stops Progress

April 4th 2012. A date I won’t forget in a hurry. Not only was it the day my son finally moved into his own flat, it was also the day I woke to see cherry blossom and willow trees in leaf in a blizzard of snow!

snow blizzard in april

Snow in April

So of course all my gardening plans went on hold. The trellis I had started to construct for my flower bed lies unfinished, my greenhouse is still a Meccano set and my veg bed is covered by fleece and a snowy, icy layer. I was very grateful for the log burner! That was yesterday. But having spent the day helping my son move and re-arranging the house after he moved out his furniture, stored here, I’m now tired but happy, and the garden is having to wait.

Of course, extra rations went out for the wildlife, especially the birds. I hope it didn’t cause too many problems for the bees and other insects I’ve seen flying around recently!

snow in april

Snow in April Cherry blossom

Today I must catch up with blogs, email and others such sedentary tasks. But the tomatos I sowed back in February are in bud, and the french beans sown in pots in the conservatory are in flower. I’ll show you them in my next post. We’ll be eating french beans before any UK ones are ready, and while they are still expensive. Success!

The weather should warm up again in the next couple of days, and once I’ve rested I’ll be back out there, fixing, digging and progressing.

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