No Butts – There’s a drought on!

With this announcement of drought restrictions this summer it looks as though we’d all better take care of what water there is. Not only should we be saving as much as we can in the home, but in the garden where hose pipe bans may mean the difference between a crop growing well or not, water butts will be essential.

drought water butt

Water butt ready for guttering

We’ve just put a new shed in our garden, and have bought guttering to run round it for extra rain collection. It will be fitted very soon. We raised the shed up from the ground to extend its life and left extra space at the end to ensure the water butt is raised and I can easily obtain any water we collect for my precious vegetables.

The greenhouse will also be fitted with a water-butt, and there is already one gathering rain from the house. So, we should be able to avoid turning on a hose pipe!

Inside the house, we have reduced the number of times we flush, make sure the dishwasher and washing machine are always fully loaded before running them and shower rather than bath. Taps are never left running, not even when brushing our teeth or cleaning vegetables. We all need to take care. Not only are supplies low, but rivers are actually drying up or their ecology being damaged by the lack of water flowing through them.

For more information on the drought restrictions now in force or imminent, click here

One response to “No Butts – There’s a drought on!

  1. thanks for the reminder and the initiative….i think it’s really going to be super hot and dry this summer…just this morning I watered my plants and on noontime, my garden beds were dried out. .. leaf edges of my hanging plants were burnt..

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