Daily Archives: March 7, 2012

Free Fuel with Recycling

Free fuel! Not an easy thing to come by these days, but certainly worth having with the cost of gas and electricity. We were given a paper log maker for Christmas by our friends and have made some out of the years of files my partner needed to cull. They do a great job in out log burner and so far we’ve not had to buy any wood. We’ve either used these excellent paper logs or used wood found discarded (fly tipped) by less thinking members of society. What a great ecological use of waste materials!

This cuts our heating bill by lots! We don’t need to keep the central heating running, as sitting in one room in the evening means we only need to heat that room. It gets so warm we open the door and let the heat escape into the rest of the house, and go to bed cosy. What a lifestyle improvement since we moved from our last home which had central heating and no fireplace.


Free Fuel, Recycled Paper

The gadget for making these logs is a very simple one, and all you have to do is shred paper, leave it in a bucket to soak then cram it into the log maker and press hard to squeeze excess water out. Then you put them somewhere to dry. In the summer this could be in a sheltered spot outside, but we’ve been drying ours in the airing cupboard. Just in case you fancy trying this method, you can buy them here.


Free fuel in the fire