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Bumble bees visit, spring’s on the wing!

Having spent the day pruning hedges and sorting seedlings, I returned to my conservatory to find two white-tailed bumble bees trapped behind the blinds. Now, last year I was stung by one of these beauties after accidentally disturbing their nest. So with great care, we caught them using the usual jam jar and bit of card method, and released them outside. It was wonderful to see them as well as all the ladybirds (ladybugs) I found while working outside today. Spring is most definitely on the wing! It’s been glorious. Far too warm for the season, but I have to admit it was great to be out there in a T-shirt instead of thermals and a fleece!

I had to take some photos, but used my little canon camera instead of the Nikon. Unfotunately I’m a bit rusty with it, so these shots aren’t excellent quality, but you can still see that the catkins are out, forsythia is flowering (more bee food) and crocus are coming up all over. My son is coming over tonight to work in the garden tomorrow, and I have more seeds to sow, so we’re going to be busy over the next few days. I’ve spoken to my neighbour, ad we’re agreed that improving the environment for the wildlife in both our gardens can only be a good thing. He’s growing his own vegetables, too, and is keen to see our native dividing hedge flourish. All great progress. I love my new lifestyle!

White tailed bumble bee

White tailed bumble bee

catkins spring on the wing





Ladybirds (ladybugs)