Inspired Recycling Idea from another blogger!

How about this for an inspired recycling tip?

recycled eggshells

Recycle eggshells into seed containers

Completely free, organic and biodegradable. How ecological is that? It fits perfectly with this lifestyle. I’m allergic to eggs, so fellow blogger dabawenyolife kindly let me use their photo and excellent tip.

10 responses to “Inspired Recycling Idea from another blogger!

  1. Reblogged this on agropedia and commented:
    This one is so easy anyone can do it, and when arranged in cartons, it also provides a handy filing system for you backyard gardners looking to get starts going this Spring…

  2. Such a great idea, I had to re-blog it. Thanks for spreading the tip… 🙂

  3. fantastic idea, can’t wait to see how your carrots turn out now you’re growing them in toilet roll tubes…xx

  4. Great idea. Will start saving my eggshells. Thanks for sharing.

  5. My mom is going love this idea!

  6. Thanks Amanda. I hope she finds it useful.

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