Winter in Paradise

Blue Tit in the Snow

It’s winter in our paradise! Well, we’ve now experienced our first really cold spell in our new home. Birds flock in for the food and the fields look stunning in the snow and fog. It’s truly beautiful, I think you’ll agree. My tactic of feeding as many different foods for the birds seems to be working, as we’re now up to 21 different species spotted visiting our environment at one point or another. Here are one or two I managed to photograph yesterday after a blizzard of several inches of the white stuff fell overnight. The quality isn’t brilliant, as I had to hide in the shed and shoot through fog to get these shots, but at least we get to see who’s visiting.


blue tit

Great tit


We’re really pleased with the log burning stove, too. Once that’s going in the evening, we hardly need the central heating at all. In fact we went to bed with the heating off when the snow was falling and woke to find snow had filled the vent outside, which we had to clear before using the heating again. The stove had kept the house warm all night! Less gas used, bill reduced, carbon fuel use reduced, all better for the envitonment just as we planned. I’m loving this lifestyle!

Here are a couple of shots taken since the snow. The garden looks beautiful, don’t you think?

garden in the snow

fields in the fog

fields behind our house in the fog

Now I’m off into the distance until next time….

Footsteps in the Snow

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