Taming the Jungle

I’ve taken advantage of the mild weather and spent time today hacking through the jungle that is my border.  I now have a mountain of dead growth culled off the garden. Underneath, I’ve found some little gems, in my book anyway. Sedums, bergenia (in flower!) and ferns galore adorn a badly neglected ‘rockery’ currant bun style. It will need a major overhaul, as it’s choked with couch grass and brambles threaten nearby. But with work and a change of rockery construction I’m sure will look stunning. It’s a border that backs onto our patio, so I want it to look good as well as attract wildlife. My lifestyle as well as the wildlife’s is important!

bird cam goldfinches

bird cam goldfinches

I also found, on the other border, a bird’s nest from last year. I feel rather guilty for clearing this area, as the nest site clearly won’t be available for this years birds, but as I’m planning more hedge planting and will be getting the current one into shape there will ultimately be more places for them to nest, not less. We’ve already put a nest box high in a tree and have another one to go up, making four in total.

Bird cam was left on video setting today, and caught a lot of goldfinches and greenfinches plundering the feeders. But the quality wasn’t good. We had a the distance setting a little out, and sunlight staring into the lens, so I need to think more carefully before setting it up next time. It’s all a learning experience! One or two of the jpegs came out OK, so they’re here for you, as is a photograph of the found nest. Anyone know what species made it? The secateurs are there for scale.

bird nest

bird nest found in the garden

In the trees at the bottom of the garden, I counted 30+ goldfinches. They don’t all come to the feeders at once, but I’m sure take turns in groups of six to ten at a time. A charm of goldfinches, if ever I saw one. They have to be among our prettiest native species.

bird cam goldfinches and greenfinches

bird cam goldfinches and greenfinches

4 responses to “Taming the Jungle

  1. What do you put in the feeders, Chris?

    It’s a good thing you’re planning a hedge. That’ll help the birds find refuge and shelter, too. No?

  2. Hi Prya. I use sunflower seed hearts for the finches and tits, peanuts, fat balls and suet, plus cooking scraps (trimmed fat etc) and crab apples I’ve hoarded. Oh, and dried mealworms which are soon gobbled up each day! Yum! The garden now can boast 21 different species seen, many almost every day! Especially today as we had heavy snow.
    Yes, the planned extension of the hedge will give more shelter and nesting space eventually!
    I’ve not been on for a while due to being poorly, so sorry for the delayed reply.

    • Good to hear from you Priya. I feed the birds sunflower hearts, peanuts and bmixed bird seed, plus mealworms (dried). Thier favourite is the sunflower hearts. Yes, the hedge will give more shelter and more places to nest. There is some hedging already, but more is needed.

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