12 Wild Flowers To grow In A Nature Garden

I’ve been really busy  the last couple of days actually making a start in my new garden. I’m faced with overgrown, neglected beds that need renovation. Before I can dig them over, I need to wait for spring to assess what’s already there. I’ve been able to dig out some brambles, cut down dead overgrowth and identify snowdrops and crocosmia  so I’ve started at last to be able to see what comes up when spring comes. But of course it’s dark by 4.30pm, so the long evenings are spent blogging to you and dreaming of what I will grow. I brought a lot of stuff from my old garden in containers, and they all sit on the patio awaiting replanting. Many of them are native plants suitable for gardens which will be rich in nectar and pollen for our insects to feast on.

This will help keep a balance in the ecology of the garden and hopefully increase the diversity. I’ve made a wildlife poster to illustrate the 12 wild flowers to grow in my garden. There will be more, but these are particular favourites I wanted to share with you.

12 wild flower poster

wild flower poster

Incidentally,  I’ve put this poster for sale, so if you want a copy just click here.

What wild flower can you add to your garden this spring?

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