Daily Archives: January 7, 2012

Slash and Burn – Some Things Can’t Be Recyled!

I’ve spent the day clearing one of the very neglected flower beds in my new garden. There were brambles waiting to get me as soon as I stepped in it, so first I had to cut them back. Then slash off the 3ft high dried couch grass and other annoying weeds. It’s all stuff I can’t compost or burn as it’s wet through. So into the council recycling container it goes. This seems to be the best ecological solution for such difficult rubbish. I will be growing organically, but need compost not choked with weeds and thorns. I also found lengths of timber, which will go into our temporary wood store to dry, and will be used to keep us warm!

So I haven’t played with bird cam but have burned some calories and have, finally, made a bit of headway towards my goals out there. Jon’s temporary wood store is made from an old wooden shelving unit designed for use in a shed. We have an excess of them now he’s cleared out some of his old stuff, so with a bit of cladding down the sides and some lino left in the shed when we moved in here, we can keep the rain off the found wood and allow it to dry out for later use. Nothing is wasted here! What can you recycle?


I’ve also been looking at the plants I brought from my old garden to the new one and checking what is here. I seem to have plenty of houseleeks and a bare shed roof. If it’s feasible, I may make a green roof with the houseleeks. Green rooves help to soak up rain, thereby recucing flood risk. Natures environment is further helped by giving insects a home and food, then the birds benefit from the insects. Ecological improvement all round!