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18 Bird Species, One Humble Garden

Bird Cam

My lifestyle has improved no end since we moved here. I’m already meeting new people at the local radio station cafe and the local people are so friendly. I spent a happy couple of hours today at the knit and natter group at the station cafe. As I only crochet, I took the baby blanket I’m making for my first grandson, due in March. Joking about being a happy hooker has perhaps caused a re-naming of the group, as it caused much hilarity! On top of that, despite  only being here a few weeks I’ve already clocked 18 species of bird in my humble garden. Already spotted are:

  1. Blue tits
  2. Great Tits
  3. Coal Tits
  4. Goldfinches
  5. Greenfinches
  6. Bull finches
  7. Heron (after next door’s fish no doubt)
  8. Crows (a murder of them live in the trees outside)
  9. Jackdaws
  10. Chaffinches
  11. Magpies
  12. Robin
  13. Sparrows
  14. Wood pigeons
  15. Collared Doves
  16. Pied Wagtail
  17. Starling
  18. Thrush

If I can get so many to visit already, imagine the wildlife that might come once I’ve finished planting more hedging and improved the environment for them. Hopefully some will nest (except pigeons and collared doves if I’m to grow veggies).

So I’ve had fun with my new bird cam, a Christmas present from my lovely Jon. It can be set up and left to take photographs remotely relying on a sensor to catch the birds as they come in. I’ve had to be patient and get used to using it, plus delete a lot of empty feeder shots with the windy weather we’ve had but today was perfect, so here are a few  lovely close-ups of some of my visitors feasting my cash away! It’s easy photography with great results. A local squirrel tries his luck at the feeders, so I put a few nuts on the ground for him, and have had to intsall a cat scarer aimed around the feeding station.

Bird Cam goldfinch

Nature needs a helping hand sometimes. At this time of year it’s really important to keep those feeders topped up, because the birds soon come to rely on their local breakfast and may die if their food supply suddenly runs out. It’s also important to keep the feeders clean. Greenfinches are suffering currently from an infection running through their population, and it can be passed on via dirty feeders. Luckily, the ones I’ve spotted seem perfectly healthy.

Bird Cam Finches

What birds visit your garden?