Daily Archives: January 4, 2012

Bees Worth £430,000,000

Is that a figure that astounds you? It did me when I read it. Yes, Bees pollinate £430,000,000 worth of edible crops for the UK economy each year. (Stats from Defra)  A service they provide free. So we DO need to take care of our environment for our own sakes, if not for love of nature.


Bees are worth £430,000,000 to the UK economy.

Without bees, we’d not have the food supplies we have. Then what? So my plan for this year is to begin on my new garden with those precious insects in mind. I want to mix fruit and vegetable growing with flowers for the house and the bees and butterflies, moths and beetles, spiders and other lovely little creatures that our ecosystem needs in its environment. I’ll choose single rather that double flowers, as these are easier for the insects to access and generally provide more pollen and nectar.

I’m not being purely selfless providing them with food, of course, as once they’ve been enticed to feed and maybe breed in my garden they’ll help to pollinate my crops, and therefore we’ll all benefit. We hope to improve our own lifestyle and that of our fellow creatures!

The weather has been a little hectic, with powerful winds, heavy rain and frost, so work has not yet begun, but my son will be coming over as soon as possible to help get started making the first beds for planting. I’ve got a lot of long-term plans for the garden, but will have to be realistic about what I can achieve with health issues to take into account and the time available, as I still need to write and do photography if I’m to have an income.