Countdown. 17 Days To Go…

Only 17 days to go before we move! Well, the last couple of weeks have been crazy. Not only have we sold our house, packed more than half of our belongings into boxes, sorted and sent loads of things off for recycling and removed loads of hoarded junk, I’ve battled a nasty sinus infection while doing it. Today I feel more like a human being who can breathe again, so here I am. My partner, meanwhile, has had to complete three freelance projects, in order that we can eat once we get to our new home. He had different deadlines for each one but delays outside his control meant they all ended up with October as their final dates. Amazingly, he’s managed to pack most of his extensive reference book collection AND clear out unwanted paperwork on top of all his work, so we’re both now really looking forward to the actual move and getting settled in our gorgeous new abode.

New Home

My gorgeous new house

I’ve spent a lot of time dreaming about the ecology of the garden, how I’m going to maximise it for wildlife and food as well as somewhere to relax, what records I want to keep of progress and how I’m going to share it with you guys. So now I’m playing with Excel – no mean feat for a technophobe, and have made a weather chart to start off with. A Couple of years ago I was given a weather station by my partner for my birthday. Last winter saw me fascinated by watching the temperature drop every ten minutes when we have record lows of minus 20 degrees. I’m going to try to keep a daily record for a year, and marry it up with details of growing and planting. This should help planning in future years and will make interesting reading, I hope, in years to come.

The house of course also will need some work and planning, and we do know where furniture is going now, for the most part, but we will be slowly improving its energy efficiency and decor as we go along. I’ll try to keep you updated. For a start, my freezer has driving me mad for a long time. It’s too small, frosts up pretty quickly and won’t fit in the new, rather small kitchen. But there is a pantry. I’ve found out that chest freezers are more energy-efficient than under counter ones, as the cold air doesn’t fall out when you open it. Putting it in the pantry, designed to be cooler than the rest of the house, will also save energy. On top of that, they hold nearly twice as much as an upright. So, chest freezer it is. I have a small one of my sons I’ve been storing for him  and will use that initially but when I do buy a new one I’ll find out the best for my needs and let you know what that is. The kitchen will need reconfiguring, eventually, as 1940s houses didn’t plan space for freezers, dishwashers etc. But it’s fine to move into and can be dealt with over time.

For now, here are some photos of the abode I’ve fallen in love with and can’t wait to get the keys for.


The rather small kitchen

dining room for desk

Here's where I plan to have my new desk

The dining room is where I plan to have my desk.This is where I’ll sit and download photography done in the conservatory, work on them and write my blogs.  Speaking of desks, I’ve spent a long time looking for a desk as the one I have won’t fit where I want it to go. So my partner plans to have it as his is falling apart and needs replacing. I searched the net and found one that would be perfect, but cost over £500! I don’t want to spend lots of money and would rather recycle, so was hoping for a little miracle. The space in the alcove is an awkward size, so I couldn’t find one that will take all my equipment and fit the space. Then we went into town to see my doctor. I was drawn to go upstairs in a charity shop nearby, and there, for £35 was the perfect desk for my equipment. A tape measure confirmed it will also fit the space with 2″ to spare. Perfect! It now awaits transportation from my dining room here to the new one. Charity gets some money, another item is recycled and I’ve saved loads of money! At the same time, I also found a bathroom cabinet for £10 in exactly the style I wanted, in the same shop. Bargain.

patio of new house

Patio. Needs work!

Here’s a photo of the new patio. It needs work as the foundations for it were not done very well, but just needs packing with more hardcore. I don’t like the pink slabs, though, so I’m currently pondering what to do with it. It will be a project in itself. Mosaic? Brick and flag infill? I haven’t decided yet. What I do know is it will be full of all my container grown plants and cuttings while I figure it out. I’ve spent five years making the garden where I am, but have lots of containers as I always planned to move and didn’t want to leave some things behind. I’ve taken cuttings and pieces off the other plants, saving money and the carbon it would have cost to produce and deliver replacements. It makes the move slightly harder work, but loyal friends will help us on the day and the removal company are dealing with the house contents, so we should be OK. I’ll try and keep you updated when possible. I’m sure you’ll understand that moving is stressful and a very busy time, so I’ll do my best but there will be gaps in posts until we’re settled.

One last thing. I’d like to share an inspirational recycling link with you my partner found. It’s an amazing house – the ultimate in recycling. A House made of bottles! Enjoy. Then tell me what you’re doing to help the planet and yourselves in these tough economic times.

3 responses to “Countdown. 17 Days To Go…

  1. You sound like the bionic woman…..all that and planning, packing, writing blogs, sharing finds, research of products……and with a sinus infection….You’re a miracle. We had a look at your link to the recycled bottle house, brilliant and inventive.
    We’re looking forward with baited breath for the gardening tips. Great idea to monitor weather for the growing records too.
    Can’t wait to see the transformation, in your new garden; your home and your life together xx
    Ric and Richard xx

  2. You must be so exicited to be moving to a place that gives you more room to do with as you please! Really look forward to following your progress and good luck with the move.

  3. Thank you Applsteam and Willowarchway for your very kind comments. I hope you both stay with me for the journey.

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